You deserve a fuller life and to shine as the individual you are.

When you and your kiddo are able to communicate, a quiet, peaceful home will follow.

Bella, her buddies, and I are here to help you and your child connect and live a fuller life.  In this fuller life there are more laughter and smiles, stories are shared, and memories are made.  The woman you are deserves to shine for both your little ones and the world to see.

Play is a natural tool where a child can develop and explore their communication patterns while also exploring their love languages and igniting their imagination!

The goal of our Curiously Curated Collection of Stories, Stuffies, and Lovies is to create opportunities for your child to further express their feelings and open the door for you to create deeper connections with your child.

Ezra Elephant and his friends are ready to support you and your child through difficult transitions.  Whether it is sleeping through the night alone, exploring a new place, or healing from a booboo, Ezra elephant and his friends are the perfect size to be tucked in your little one’s bouncy chair and stroller for that special dose of love.  Life is always easier with a friend.  Click here to discover which lovey is right to be your child’s new companion!

Bella and her friends are eager to play with you and your child!  Whether it is joining you in the kitchen, playing with a ball in the backyard, or snuggles at story time they are ready to join you and your kiddo in your daily adventures.  Click here to meet your little one’s  new best buddy!

Coloring is an easy and fun activity that provides so many benefits for both the heart and mind of both you and your child.  Whether you’re spending quality time together or providing a creative activity to encourage independent play, we hope you and your little one enjoy these books.

Hi, I am Kristina Lucia!

I’m so happy you’re here.

Our dream is for your kiddo to know they are loved and understood.

Communication takes time to develop, and toys are a wonderful way for your  child to express their feelings and for you to connect to them in that moment.

As your child plays with our beloved characters, you can organically observe and have the incredible opportunity to connect with them through play.

Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia is a line of crocheted Stuffies and Lovies constructed from 100%organic cotton yarn.

Kristina has a gift that needs to be shared with the world :).  

Sue S.

Events Coordinator