Dear Readers, 


This month we are very happy to feature Joey the Kitty and give you the opportunity to know him better!  Along with his friends Linda Teddy Bear and Hungry Caterpillar, Joey has been having a great time on our social media channels doing all sorts of fun activities inspired by his favorite book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. However, he is now very excited to tell you about his soccer lessons! Joey started playing recently and is having a blast being on the team and building more friendships.  His parents are very pleased not only with the relationships that he is creating but also the lessons he is learning. His hand eye coordination is quickly improving because in soccer you are not allowed to touch the ball.  At first this concept was very tricky but Joey has been diligently practicing and it is paying off!  In practice, he is also learning the value of teamwork through drills of passing the ball and driving it down the field. Like so many young children, Joey has tons of energy and soccer lets him release a lot of it.  He always sleeps better on nights after practice or a game.  You can imagine how happy this makes his Mom and Dad!  As with anything in life, Joey at first had a hard time when his team lost a game.  Luckily, he has a very kind coach who is teaching him and his teammates that losing is just as important as winning.  If used in the right way, there is great opportunity to learn in both situations!  Each game closes with all teammates shaking hands and wishing each other a good game.  Joey is growing so much through both practices and games and is making a lot of great friendships along the way.  His parents are so happy to see the happiness that radiates from him!    


We have listed both links to the YouTube channel SimplySoccer as well as the names of soccer programs in the NYC area for your reference. Joey hopes to see you on the field very soon!


Love Always, 

Kristina Lucia xoxo


Soccer Drills for Kids- Get better by Yourself



5 Easy Soccer Moves for Kids and Beginners




Asphalt Green 

Upper East Side, Manhattan


Asphalt Green is a non-profit organization that offers programs ranging from beginner to national competitive.  The main focus is children’s fitness and it is a great starting point for any young athlete.    



Chelsea Piers

Chelsea, Manhattan


Chelsea Piers offers both recreational and competitive divisions to suit the needs of all players. The recreational team is open to children ages 5-16 and the competitive team to ages 8-18.  


Downtown Soccer League

Lower Manhattan


This recreational soccer league is open to children ages 5-18.  This co-ed community creates age appropriate teams where children have the opportunity to play friendly games while also learning sportsmanship and team building skills.