Dear Readers, 


This month we are so excited for you to introduce you to Lila the Calf!  She has seen Linda Teddy Bear and Joey Kitty make so many friends through their blog debuts and is very eager to do the same.  How many of you like to play with play dough?  With the vibrant colors and freedom to create so many shapes what is not to love!  Lila feels the exact same way and play dough is her favorite activity. Recognizing her love for creating and wanting to nurture her artistic aspirations, Lila’s parents recently started her in pottery classes and she is having a blast.   With each clay creation of mugs, vases, and other figures her esteem and self-expression grows as she becomes more confident and realizes the clay is an outlet for her imagination. Lila is also learning skills of problem solving and spatial awareness as she puts together shapes and finds that adjustments need to be made to make her three-dimensional masterpieces stand on their own.  Her parents are also noticing that her concentration and focus is greatly improving.  When working on a new clay sculpture, Lila is able to become completely absorbed with the art before her and radiate a sense of calm.  With this sense of calm, she is gradually learning the importance of the process as well as the end result.  What Lila’s parents are most pleased with is the sense of pride she projects when they place her clay creations on the mantle!  Seeing the eagerness in her face to keep creating and exploring her imagination is priceless. 


For your reference we have listed YouTube Channels with creative play dough activities as well as pottery programs in the NYC area that have been highly ranked. Lila hopes to see you in the studio very soon.  Let the creating begin!  


Love Always, 

Kristina Lucia xoxo

YouTube Channels

Family Time


Toys Plus Kids Show


Pottery Studios in NYC


La Mano Pottery 

237 West 18th Street, Between 7th and 8th Avenues 


This program offers classes for beginning artists to learn through hand building techniques and for children ages 12 and up classes are featured with pot-throwing skills beside experience potters. 


Mugi Pottery

993 Amsterdam Ave., Between 108th and 109th Streets


Classes are offered for children from ages 5 to 14.  These kids’ classes offer children the opportunity to create and explore through various hand techniques.  Projects are often focused to the current season. 


Supermud Pottery Studio

2744 Broadway, Between 105th and 10th Streets


In the form of small class sizes children are able to create both hand-building and wheel-thrown projects.  They are also given the option of displaying their work in the on-site gallery or sell them in charity fundraisers.