Dear Readers, 

This month we are happy to introduce you to Lily Duckling!  She is so happy to be here as she is always eager to make new friends.  We think she has a lot in common with you! Lily’s favorite color is purple and loves story time.  Her favorite books are The Mitten by Jan Brett and Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Girth.  How many of you have these books on your shelf?  They are some of our favorites!  More importantly, Lily loves music and attending music concerts with her Mom and Dad in both her community and the seasonal Boston Pops Concerts!  How many of you love music?  If your answer is yes, Lily is quaking with joy!  Once she home from school, her parents often play music and she loves to play her with musical toys.  To nurture her interests in music they have enrolled Lily into a local music program where she is starting to play the piano and be exposed to other instruments.  Not only are they seeing happiness radiate from Lily through her classes they are also observing many benefits for her development!  Since starting to play the piano, her sensory awareness and sound distinction has increased through the exposure to different sounds. By carving out time each day to play/ practice the piano with Lily, her parents are seeing the opportunity to start developing Lily’s math skills through learning to read the music while also working on her basic concentration/ focus skills.  Beyond these skills that will help her academically, this daily music time has given Lily and her parents quality time with each other!  Their bond and communication as a family has strengthened during these daily sessions. 

We have listed a music program in the NYC area that is offering virtual lessons for your reference as well as some YouTube channels that feature music lessons for children!  Lily hopes to see you in the music class very soon!

Love Always, 

Kristina Lucia xoxo

Music with Mr. Corbitt

The Yoga Generation, NYC Fire Museum, 278 Spring Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10013  

This program is specialized for children of 9 months to 4 years of age.  Mr. Corbitt leads these classes by engaging children in activities that include instruments, scarves, storybooks, and bubbles.  Please note that parent/ caregiver participation is required for these classes.  


YouTube Channel

Smile and Learn

Music Lesson from Smile and Learn Channel

My Music Workshop

My Music Workshop Channel

Prodigies Music Lessons

Prodigies Music Lessons Channel