Dear Readers,

Do your children love playing with water?  Now that we are in the midst of the summer heat there is a constant flow of images of children engaged in water activities from beach time to backyard water toys.  Seeing all this joy, I was inspired to delve into the  subject.  In addition to being fun water activities also provide a lot of early development and learning opportunities.

1.    Motor Skills Development– Through a water game, children have the chance to enhance their eye hand coordination through actions including but not limited to pouring, squeezing, and squirting.  

2.    Problem Solving– Including toys and other objects with water a child can observe its reaction to water and be engaged in further questions. Why does the object float? Why does It sink?

3.    Language Development– There is so much vocabulary that can be introduced to a child.  Drip, Drizzle, Pouring, Splash, Trickle, and so many more.

4.    Emotional Growth/ Release– Playing with water is a very smoothing activity and through concentrating on feeling of the water the child is a able to focus and release their emotions.  Drawing is an alternative activity that allows for the same concentration and emotional release.  Please refer to my past blog for further info.

5.    Beginnings of Math and Science Lessons– These games are a great way to gradually introduce basic math and science concepts from basic fractions to volume and gravity.

There are so many great water activities for children from classic bath time to filling a container with water and dunking toys in and out of the water.  In my research I found some accounts who put some creative twists on these classic games and wanted to take an opportunity to share these finds!

1.    Tacktile Tykes– Color Recognition– Adding primary and secondary colored objects to the bin full of water and starting a conversation about which colors are which.  They also added noodles to the water for more sensory activity!

2.    Kristina Toddler. Approved– Matching– Adding bath toy letters to the bin full of water and guiding your child to match the letters and/or colors.  Instantly, a twist has been thrown on the classic matching game!

3.    Busy Toddler– Scoop and Transfer! Providing your child with one container of water, several others that are empty, and a spoon/ scoop.  Let your child to transfer and explore various methods of transferring the water to the different containers.  Other substances can be used from sand to rice as seen in the Busy Toddler’s post.  Let the fun begin! 

As you can see the sky is the limit and I barely scraped the surface on all the creative opportunities that can be explored with the precious commodity of water!  I hope you are having a great summer and staying cool.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Love Always, 

Kristina Lucia xoxo