Dear Readers,

I am often asked the question of “what is a lovey”?  A lovey is a security blanket/ transitional object that provides a child comfort and helps then through various life transitions from sleeping alone to visiting a new space.  Currently, lovies have evolved beyond a simple blanket to an animal character with a blanket bottom!  As you can see from my creations, I have a blast creating these animals and telling stories through them on a daily basis.  With an urge to learn more of their importance I did some further research and am happy to share the following takeaways.

  1. The purpose a lovey serves- As mentioned above it is a transitional item used to provide comfort for a child. Once a child no longer swaddled it is healthy for them to reach out and grasp things.  A lovey is a safe/ soft object to have nearby for them to feel and touch.
  2. Allow your scent to transmit to the lovey before introducing it to your child– A tip I have both heard and read is to make the lovey smell like the parents.  If you sleep with the lovey for a few nights it allows your scent to transmit to it.  When you leave the lovey with the child, they will be able to smell your scent and feel further comfort.
  3. Making the lovey a sleep toy- When the baby/ child is old enough allowing them to sleep with the lovey creates an association for sleep time. It also provides the child a buddy when they are left alone. Life is always more fun with a friend!
  4. Observing your child’s love languages/ play patterns through usage of the lovey- Although it is common to think that lovies are limited to babies, they are actually an amazing toy for children of all ages.  A lovey/ beloved toy becomes a tool for the child to communicate and express themselves and is a safe way to observe a child’s play pattern.  Do they hug their lovey?  Do they play kitchen and serve their lovey treats?  Do they compliment their lovey?
  5. Bonus Tip- From my own experience a lovey is a way to show your love to others. Two summers ago I created a Dinosaur and Minnie Mouse lovey for my friend’s children whom I love very much.  The same year I made each child a Christmas ornament.  Upon receiving the package, my friend sent me a picture of the kids holding their ornaments.  I noticed her son was also holding his dinosaur lovey.  A few moments later she facetimed me and shared that her son unwrapped his ornament,  recognized that it was from me, and ran to grab his dinosaur lovey.  This little boy acknowledging my love for him and his family moved me very deeply and taught me that love needs to expressed openly and freely.  I still have that precious picture and my heart is warmed whenever I tell this story.

As with so many posts I have written I believe it is important to observe your family’s needs and do what is best for them.  I hear so often how different each child is and raising each one is a process of trial and error.  At the end of the day we all share one common thread in that we all need and seek comfort and love.  The crucial factor to remember is that we fulfill the emotional tanks of ourselves and others.  Whether this need is achieved through the consuming of a favorite meal, spending  quality time with loved ones, or hugging a beloved lovey, knowing that we are loved and able love others is what unites us and makes us complete.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S. As my special gift to you I created a special crossword puzzle for all of you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!