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Welcome to my first edition of Parent’s Corner!  The main motivation of Kristina Lucia Teddy Bears is not only to tell stories to your little ones but also to you, the parents and caregivers.  A little secret… I am inspired by all of you and you drive many of my story lines!  I wanted to take this opportunity once a month to highlight a contact in my network who is a parent and inspiration in so many ways!

For my first feature I am honored to have Dr. Jairo Borja as my guest!  No stranger to success Dr. Jairo embodies a strong work ethic and discipline achieving many goals including but not limited to being the first member of his family to receive his Doctorate degree, become an author, and start his own consulting business.  Also, his podcast, Dr. B Show, just launched this month!!!  In addition to these accomplishments he is also the father of a 14-year-old stepdaughter and 4-year-old daughter.  Our conversation focused on how being a parent and a successful businessman has shaped his life further.

Becoming a parent shifted my perspective.  As a parent of two young girls Jairo shared that as an entrepreneur he realized that through his platform he can create further opportunities for his children.  It is an exciting to see these possibilities arise for these young women.

Being blessed with the ability to carve out more time for my family and building this dynamic.  As an entrepreneur there is an element of uncertainty however there is also a factor of flexibility.  Jairo has found that in creating his own guidelines for work he is able to carve out playtime with his daughter where they have strengthened their relationship.  Sharing the love languages of gifts and quality time, Jairo told me that one of this greatest joys is watching the excitement light up in his daughter’s eyes whether it be though receiving a gift or leading him in a character portrayal of a game!

Having a sense of patience and understanding that people learn and communicate differently.  As a professor Jairo has found success in learning the importance of patience and understanding that individuals learn differently.  During his lectures, it is not uncommon for him to try different teaching techniques to observe which option students best responded.  Parenting he told me is very similar in that what works for one child does not necessarily work for the others.

Planting the seed that anything is possible.  I asked Jairo what his hopes are for his children and was very touched where he responded that he sees himself as a role model and honorably accepts this responsibility.  With each venture he undertakes Jairo emphasized that he aims to demonstrate that anything is possible and it is ok to take the time to figure out what your passions and the desires.  The sky is the limit and there is a sea of opportunities out there to be caught!

I want to extend a big thank you to Dr. Jairo Borja for allowing me to interview him and sharing his story!  As a thank you to all of you for being here please click here to download a custom crossword puzzle inspired by Jairo’s daughters.  I have included Jairo’s information below so that you can learn more about his business ventures.   I want to extend another thank you to all of you for support and wish you a wonderful day!

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Dr. Jairo Borja

Book: Networking Your Way to Success

IG: borjaconsultinggroup