Dear Readers,


It’s October which means we are in pumpkin season!   Each year I am so impressed by the amount of creativity that is derived from this one flavor.  From deserts to drinks you can very easily find a delicious pumpkin treat. When I think of all my memories from seeking the perfect pumpkin in the patch to carve to creating crafts from pumpkins of various sizes my ultimate memory is that of my Mom’s love for pumpkins. 

My Mom loved baking many treats but in her later years pumpkin pie was by far her favorite!  Once October hit she would purchase pumpkins and proceed in the process of creating puree.  With an ample supply in the freezer the process of baking her pies would convene.  Always with smile on her face and adorned in her favorite apron my Mom would spend many happy hours in her beloved kitchen baking these pies and then giving them to loved ones. 

Recognizing her love for pumpkins I decided that Christmas should come a little early one year!  I bought her a pumpkin apron with her name embroidered on it along with a pumpkin oven mitt and pot holder.  To top it off I wrapped it in Christmas paper and happily sent it to her in the beginning of October with a note saying that “Santa asked me to send these goodies your way”.  That year at Thanksgiving I walked in her kitchen to find her in her usual spot at the center island preparing dinner but adorned with the apron I gave to her.  It was a beautiful moment!  Even though I teased her saying “that’s a great apron” and she responded “Yes, it is”  what we really were saying is “I love you” and “I love you too”.  I cherish this memory so much. 

In celebration of pumpkins and this special memory I want to share with you this recipe for pumpkin spice cake.  I have made it many times for loved ones and have received great reviews. I hope it proves the same for you!

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo