Dear Readers,

Do you have multiple board games in your home?  Battle Ship, Connect Four, Guess Who, Monopoly- I realize I am only scraping the surface as these are just a few of the great games that are available to us.  During a recent conversation with a contact, the topic of boards games arouse and I was so delighted when we discovered that each of us own many of the same games and for the same reason- to make others feel welcome in our homes.  When I moved into my new home, I took my Grandmother’s lead recalling how she kept special toys for our visits.  The Fisher Price tea set to the old dollhouse served for many hours of imaginative adventures.  As an Aunt I graciously accepted this responsibility to pave the path of memories for the next generation.  I am proud to say that my home occupies a variety of games and puzzles for all age levels!

Whenever I am choosing to add to this collection or gift a game to a child, the main focuses are creativity and quality.  Board games are a great tool to enhance their problem-solving skills, provide fun quality time with their families, and spark their imaginations.  I started brainstorming and researching into this topic to quench my own curiosity and am excited to share my findings with you.

Candy Land– An oldie but goodie!  This classic game is a wonderful way to work on your child’s color recognition skills.  As the child grows counting is another element that can be added to this delightful game.  (I have found and gifted a Disney Princess Edition Candy Land game on Amazon.  No going to lie- I was tempted to keep it for myself and play it at our next girls’ night!)

Connect Four– A very simple yet classic game of focus and strategy!  One the skills that board games enhance is focus and Connect Four requires it.  Through the concentration needed to create that ultimate line of four colored chips the mind is simultaneously exercising problem solving skills as part of the strategy is to also prevent your opponent from achieving this perfect line!

Battle Ship– Another game of communication and strategy, this classic game teaches us to see patterns and ask purposeful questions.  The more effective and precise your questions are the more likely you are too win.  This a great way to stimulate the mind and seek alternate solutions! 

Allowance Game/ Monopoly– Both these games are great opportunities to practice negotiation and math skills!  In playing these games adding, counting, dividing, and subtracting are required as well as constructive conversations with your opponents. 

The allowance game was one of our childhood favorites and my Uncle Jim is a legendary monopoly player!  Uncle Jim, who had a steady winning streak, taught me how to really play monopoly.  My Uncle guided me through my first buying and mortgaging options as we played a game.  I have to admit I loved being a property owner and collecting rents!

There are so many games that I did not even get to speak of here as there are a multitude of great options.  In the end they all serve the purposes of developing early learning, encouraging focus, practicing communication skills, and having some old-fashioned fun!   The other magical factor of these games is that they have stood the tests of time and have been the sources of endless hours of fun and joy!  Although the faces and homes surrounding the game board may vary the game itself remains the same and serves as a symbol that unites us.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S.  Here is the custom crossword puzzle that I have created for you based on some of my favorite board games!