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This month I am very pleased to introduce you to my colleague and friend, Priscilla Subramaniyam.  You may recall her name from my National Teddy Bears Day Blog (Priscilla is a great informer of special calendar days!).  Meeting over the summer through a virtual networking event Priscilla and I have become fast friends and as she calls us “virtual pen pals”.  Located in the Kansas City area she embodies a powerful mission of showcasing small businesses through her Positivity Vibe Tribe community and as a podcast host Throughout her career, Priscilla has discovered that collaboration is an essential element of success and her “secret sauce is working with small businesses”.  As a result, she has focused on giving these individuals a greater voice.  She is also an active volunteer in her neighborhood and as a Celebrate Every Day Ambassador helps others find joy in celebrating a plethora of both national and international days through her digital channels.  On top of all this she is also a wife and mother of  nearly 4-year-old daughter.   She inspires myself and many others!

In our conversation we covered so many topics!  Being friends, we spoke with a steady ease and found ourselves delving into points ranging from how love languages so easily show up in daily lives to the importance of compromise.   This conversation awakened so many warm memories of childhood and ignited my own imagination.

Learning that daily activities are a way to nourish her daughter’s emotional tank.  Priscilla shared with me how her daughter loves to help her in the kitchen.  She expressed how happy and proud it makes her to see this eagerness to learn.  While being homebound this year, Priscilla has not only taught her daughter a new skill but used it as the opportunity to spend quality time with her. 

**I was especially touched that her whole family regularly watches the Oklahoma University football games and her daughter since birth has worn her OU outfits with pride and joy!

Providing her daughter regular opportunities to appreciate small businesses in the community. What makes Pricilla a wonderful advocate for small businesses is that she supports them naturally on a daily basis.  She shared with me that the toy store, US Toys, where she had previously worked as intern in their headquarter location, has become a place where she and her daughter visit regularly.  Understanding the importance of feeling, looking, and touching, Priscilla and her daughter spend time in the section of the store where her daughter is able to pick out balloons and stickers.  Not only is she creating memories and memories but also supporting small business! 

Raising their daughter in a multicultural family is a lesson of communication and respecting the boundaries of others.  In our conversation Priscilla shared that her husband is South Indian and as a couple they agreed to raise their child in the Hindu faith.  She expressed that she has learned of the festivals and rituals as well as the language to further participate in gatherings.  The importance of this decision is the mutual agreement that they want to provide their daughter with a strong understanding of her heritage while also setting an example of generosity in respecting the cultures of others. 

Teaching her daughter about the old world ways.  In a world of digital Priscilla that she cherishes “old-fashioned” communication, enjoys the ability to write handwritten cards, and prefers the sound of the voice on the other end of the phone as opposed to a text message.  Through daily life she exposes her daughter to these moments when possible and as mentioned in an earlier point Priscilla takes her daughter not only to US toys but also the library and park to generate as many in person memories as possible!

I want to extend a big thanks to Priscilla for sharing her story and further widening my own perspective on my daily life!  The contact links to Priscilla’s channels and communities are listed at the end of this post.  As a show thanks I have created a word search for you that has been inspired by Priscilla’s daughter!  I hope you enjoy the word search and as much as I did creating it.  You inspire me to create and that is the greatest gift of all!

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