Dear Readers,

If you were asked what is the legacy you want to create, how would you respond?  A few weeks ago I was asked a similar inquiry during my interview on The Moxie Podcast.  I was moved by this question when Jenny proposed it in the wrap up of the episode and felt the urge to explore it further.  In my eyes legacy is how I want to be seen not only in the future but also in the present moment.  For me this encompasses so many aspects of my present life.  A creative who dances with dedication and drive and an artist with stained fingers from pens and inks.  A kitchen rebel who bakes the way she cooks using measurements as a guideline rather than a restriction.  A woman who fully believes in faith and imagination and leaps at any opportunity to have a game of pretend! 

A year ago this week (November 6th to be exact) I received my first piece of mail addressed to my company and view it as the official start of this journey.  In celebration I want to share with you my first childhood dream of becoming a Disney artist and how I believe his legacy is influencing me.  As a child, I cherished so many of the classics naming my toys after beloved Disney characters and when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up proudly declared “A Disney Artist”.  I will never forget the night when I was ten and read his biography in one sitting.  Even as an adult I still find comfort in the classics that he created and am so intrigued by his pioneer spirit and courage to take a leap of faith. 

The part of Walt Disney’s story I especially cherish is that his brand started with a mouse!  I felt a great sense of inspiration when discovering how Walt’s creativity through this one character formed the foundation for a plethora of imagination.  Fun fact about me- my line started with a bear.  The Bedtime Lucy Bear that you see in the line was created prior to the actual start of this brand.  I designed the original bear for my friend’s daughter, Alisa, when I found out she was going to be a big sister!  The main motive being simply to make a child smile.  Over the next year more characters were brought to life from this creative spark and when I started formalizing the line Bedtime Lucy Bear was the first character I named in honor of my Grandmother.  Although I am only a year into this journey I feel a great sense of excitement to see where Lucy will take me as I imagine Walt felt with Mickey.  It all began with a sweet bear and her favorite blanket! 

When I think of this legacy that is forming, the drive comes from a desire to construct a space for my creativity and to share it with others.  One of the greatest blessings as a creative is releasing your creativity into the world and have it returned.  Whether I am baking, crocheting, dancing, drawing, or simply writing I believe I am adding to this legacy and with a little faith inspiring the next generation as Walt Disney and his animators did for me and so many others. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S.  Writing this blog I have Disney on my mind and created this crossword inspired by the classics that still touch my heart