Dear Readers,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Dave Bunny is hopping with joy as it is his favorite holiday!  Although he enjoys getting dressed up with Brandy Puppy and his other friends for Halloween, he savors the calm atmosphere and the opportunity to gather with loved ones at the Thanksgiving table.  To equally share the fun, Dave’s family members take turns hosting this holiday and this year it happens to be his family’s turn!  He is super excited to host and wants to share some of the ways he is preparing for this special day.

Decorating Pumpkins for the Centerpieces-As we often see our friends carving and decorating pumpkins for Halloween, Dave decided to extend the fun by decorating others for the Thanksgiving table.  As you can see from the image of this blog, he has already gotten a head start on one centerpiece!

Gratitude Chain– For the month of November Dave and his family write what they are grateful for on a paper slip and then staple the slips together creating a paper chain.  Each day the chain grows and with it the remainder of all the blessings in their lives.  On Thanksgiving day they invite their guests to write their blessings and add it to the chain.  Dave’s Dad then hangs it in the doorway of the dining room for the enjoyment of their family and friends during the meal.

Placemat Activities– Although many of his friends love watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and the football game, Dave decided to make an activity placemat for his guests!  Click here to see what Dave did.  Everything from the word search to color drawing is his work.  We are so proud of this creativity!

After Dinner Entertainment– Typically, there is that lull before desert where everyone plays a board game or has quiet time but this year Dave is going to surprise his guests with a song!  Recently he started learning the guitar and he has been practicing diligently so that he can play one that day.  We can’t wait to hear what song he has chosen.  At a later time, we will tell you more about Dave’s love for music! 

Decorating Takeaway Bags– One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the left overs!  Reminiscing about many delicious after holiday meals, a wonderfully brilliant idea sparked in Dave’s mind.  He and his family are decorating takeaway bags for their guests!  His Dad and Mom purchased paper bags that can be easily drawn on and they have been busy decorating them.  This way his family and friends have an extra memento from the gathering!

Dave and I would like to wish you are and your loved ones a most blessed Thanksgiving.  In this busy world it is hard sometimes to slow down and this is one of those magical days where that opportunity presents itself.  We hope Dave’s preparation ideas inspire you as you are preparing for your turkey dinners!

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo