Dear Readers,

Raise your hand if you love this season?  Mine is to the sky!  It is no secret- Christmas is my favorite holiday!  This is the holiday I bake, decorate, and plan the most for.  In short this is my Olympics and I come ready to play.  Aside from my love for this holiday as an adult, I have some of my warmest childhood memories from this time of year.  I can still close my eyes and see My Little Pony Paradise Estate all set up before the Christmas tree.  In my two year old eyes it was simply magical!  From the houses decorated and furnished to the gates, patio, and swimming pool- nothing was missing.  The funny part of this story is that when as a teenager my Mom openly vented “Your Father and I were up till 2 AM putting together those houses!”  This was a sacrifice well made in my eyes because as a grown woman I can still escape to that precious moment in time. 

As an Aunt and Godmother, I feel a responsibility to share these feelings of joy to the special children in my life.  There are so many ways that I aim do this but today I wanted to share with you one special tradition I have created for a first Christmas Gift.  When I first became an Aunt, I deemed “The Polar Express” as one of my favorite gifts to give as it is personal favorite that I treasure.  A few years ago I designed the reindeer ornament, which is featured in this blog, and accompany it with “The Polar Express”.  Inside the book I write a note to the recipient explaining that Santa brought this sleigh bell especially to me for the direct purpose of creating their reindeer ornament.  I further relay Santa’s message that as long as they believe in him and the Christmas spirit they will always hear the jingle of this bell.  There are a few little ones in my life that are celebrating their first Christmases and I am eager for them to receive these gifts.  Granted, they will probably be more interested in the paper but in my heart I know they will feel the love and magic behind the gifts!

In honor of “The Polar Express” I wanted to share one my cookie recipes with you.  Cream Cheese Drop Cookies!  I only bake these cookies this time of year and believe they are a great compliment to a cup of hot chocolate on an express train heading to the North Pole!  However, they are equally enjoyable from the comfort of your family room while watching your favorite holiday classics. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S. Given this is my favorite holiday, I have one more special memory to share with you next week which has truly shaped Christmas for me! Stay Tuned…

P.S.S.  The second picture of this blog is from my first Christmas.  My Mom is in her favorite apron and my Dad in his Christmas sweater makes me smile.  As for me, I feel this is the start of my endless reign as the lady in red…  My Uncle Jim coined me as “Scarlet O’Hara” that year which is my Grandmother’s favorite character.