Recently, I sat down and wrote thank you notes the old fashioned way.

A handwritten note seemed like the best way to express my gratitude to loved ones for all the acts of kindness they bestowed upon me.  As I wrote these notes, I found myself walking down memory lane while also paving a path to further connect with the younger generation.

It is a joy to share these findings and memories with each of you!

Bobby and Linda writing their thank you notes!

Dear Readers,

In this age of digital I crave handwritten notes more and more….  This past season I happily stowed cards in my craft folders for future scrap books.  It is so heartwarming to flip through these books with a cup a tea and reread these cherished notes.  My Grandmother and Mother were both avid about both cards and thank you notes.  When each of them left this world, I found and still find myself saving every item with their handwriting on it.  My Mom’s cursive is a work of art.  As a child I would intently watch her effortlessly loop and cross words seamlessly along what seemed to be a line that only she could see.  It has always been my dream to have handwriting that radiated that same elegance. 

Earlier this month I happily sat down and wrote thank you notes to loved ones for holiday blessings bestowed to me.  Don’t get me wrong I am an avid thank you note writer!  Whether it is life events or a daily occasion, I find myself writing notes of thanks but this year I decided to do it my friend’s children. 

As I mentioned previously, I am deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of the younger generation and felt a handwritten note is the proper way to express my appreciation and gratitude.  As I settled down at my kitchen table in front of my gingerbread house to compose these notes, I recalled myself as a little girl doing the same.  After every birthday, holiday, and special occasion, my Mom would prompt me to write these messages.  At first, yes, it seemed like a chore.  However, over time this task evolved as a joy and a way to connect further with loved ones.  There was even one year where I announced to my Mom that I was writing Santa a Thank You note.  She replied “It’s ok.  He knows you are grateful.”  Now as I prepare to send out these notes, I feel the bubbling of excitement to see the ripple effects over time.  In case you are wondering, yes, I am still striving to emulate my Mom’s level of penmanship. 

There are so many ways to express gratitude and connect with others on a deeper level.  Part of the fun is finding the special niche that is for you and you alone.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S.  To demonstrate my gratitude to all of you, here is a coloring drawing I created of my bear friends writing their thank you notes!  I appreciate each of you and hope you enjoy coloring it as much as I did drawing it.