I have a confession….  I get the blues in January. 

For years after the rush of the holiday season, I have struggled with this lull after the last decorations are stowed away and the final thank you notes are sent.  Recognizing this consistent pattern, I have discovered and devised a plan over the course of time to disperse these blues and enjoy the calm that is often presented in this season. 

In this post I share with you my favorite finds that bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart!

Bobby and Linda working on their Gingerbread House and enjoying Rainbow cookies!

Dear Readers,

We are half way through the month and it seems that the holiday season was months ago!  It never fails to amaze me how quickly the seasons pass by.  Honestly, I always struggle in January.  After going full force in December, January can feel like an abrupt halt. Battling with this issue for many years, I am proud to say that I have come up with a game plan!  For a few years now after the last decorations are stowed away and thank you notes sent,  I strategically plan activities for the month of January and I am happy to share them with you now.

January Cookie Baking-  As many cookies as I bake in December, I leave my coveted rainbow cookies for the month of January.  This cookie is more time consuming than the others I bake and I find I am more relaxed not lumping it into the mix.  Plus, friends greet me with big smiles when I bring them around as a post-holiday treat!  Click here for the Rainbow Cookies Recipe. 

Winter Gingerbread House-  Each year I am always racing to finish a Gingerbread House before old Saint Nick arrives!  Seeing all the great kits in the market, I am inspired to make a house for the winter season.  Gingerbread houses and similar crafts are a great opportunity for quality time while also allowing everyone to express their creativity! 

January Gathering-  Every January I plan a gathering with friends.  For a week prior you will find me in my kitchen happily baking and cooking in preparation of the evening open house.  It is nice to have something to look forward to while also catching up with everyone post-holiday season.  Although this year it will be virtual, I am still cooking up something special. 

Bonus- Handmade Cards  About seven years ago, I started a tradition of sending Valentine cards to my friend’s children.  Every year I choose a theme where I draw various animals and characters and complement these drawings with glittery stickers.  (It’s all about the glitter.)  I plan to share more about this tradition in next month’s blog but wanted to mention it now for all my fellow planners.

Creating these traditions I am able to treasure the activities that bring a smile to my face and others.  Although there are only so many hours in a day we have a choice in how to spend those hours.  What a joy it is to indulge a few of those hours in a beloved activity with others!

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo