It’s officially February which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.   Although this holiday has many mixed reviews, I enjoy it and use it as an excuse to connect with others.  About seven years ago I found my ideal celebration plan for this day and in this post I share the story of how it started.  All it took was a smile from a baby boy to spark my imagination and lead to a cherished Valentine’s Day tradition!  

Valentines for Bobby and Linda

Dear Readers,

Valentine’s Day is coming up!!!  As I write this post I understand that there are mixed reviews for this day that we so often refer to as the “Hallmark Holiday”.  I have for many years heard complaints from others regardless whether they are single or in a relationship.  What is my take on this day?  First, I find it hard to dislike it because my birthday is the day after and second, I view it as a great opportunity to demonstrate kindness to others!  There were a few years of trial and error but seven years ago I found my ideal plan to effectively celebrate this holiday. 

Seven years ago one of my dear friends had her first child!  From the time he was born, this little boy has touched my heart in a way I still cannot describe.  Knowing my friend was on maternity leave that February, I decided to do something extra special for her son’s first Valentine’s Day. I made him and other special children in my life a homemade card.  For this first year I drew teddy bears and embellished each card with glittery stickers (it’s all about the glitter).  Once complete, I sent off each card addressing them to the little Mister or Miss.  A few days after sending out the cards, I received a message from my friend saying that her 3 month old son loved his card!  You are never too young to receive love from others and the memory of this response still warms my heart till this day.  Since that year I have annually created and sent these cards out with themes ranging from bears, dogs, penguins, and even Precious Moments.  The recipients of the cards amaze me each year with their responses through hugs and special cards they send back to me.  All it took was a smile from one baby boy to spark an idea that has grown into an annual tradition in my life. 

Similar to my cookie baking, I cherish every moment of this process.  Choosing the theme of the drawings, shopping for the stickers, and of course sending them off to loved ones.  As the list grows, I start a little earlier each year in the designing of these cards.  Regardless where I stand in my life, I have no reason to complain about Valentine’s Day for I have a great reason to celebrate!

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S.  As my special Valentine’s treat to each of you, here is a coloring drawing of Bobby and Linda with their hearts for you and your special Valentine!