This coming week I am celebrating two birthdays in my home!  One for the blog and one for yours truly, aka my own.  The story in this post occurred almost exactly a year ago and when I was developing my very first blog post.  I received a once in a life time gift that came from the heart and needed no boxes or ribbons.  Being able to share it with you warms my heart even more.  I pray that you enjoy the tale and the treat at the end too!

Bobby and Linda enjoying birthday cake!

Dear Readers,

In my house I am celebrating two birthdays this coming week!!!  One is for the blog and the other for yours truly, aka me.  I love celebrating birthdays for both myself and others and especially love hearing all about the parties.  Over time I have heard stories of gifts from balloons and flowers to gatherings over cakes and special meals.  When I was child, my Mom would wake me and my siblings up on our special days singing “Happy Birthday” and dancing.  As I transitioned to adulthood, she would sometimes call me singing.  However, I kept this tradition up every year of her life with an annual  morning call on her day singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  She always appreciated it.

On November 6th of 2019 my Mom left this world making the coming year a year of firsts.  My Mom is a character and has a way of making her presence known and in February 2020 she did just that for me.  Last year, exactly a week before my birthday I was in mass and thoroughly enjoying the priest telling stories of his Italian garden (my great uncle and great grandfather were both amazing gardeners).  As the mass concluded the priest announced to the congregation “Does anyone have a Valentines birthday?”.  I raised my hand along with another patron and both of us were invited on the alter.  The priest greeted us each with a gift and then turned to the community saying “I think that we should sing.” 

In moments both myself and the other gentleman were wrapped in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” from over 200 people.  My heart swelled.  It was beautiful and I knew it was my Mom.  This was her way of singing Happy Birthday to me from heaven.  This song was her message that everything is going to be ok, to be patient, and I love you.  My Mom and I did not have a perfect relationship.  I look just like her and although I have a lot her strengthens my creative intuitions and need for freedom puzzled her constantly.  Through this one moment she demonstrated her love in a way I cannot describe and it is one the best gifts she has ever given me. 

For the past several years I have been very blessed with many acts of kindness around my special day and this is one of many I cherish.  There are many other stories I wish with you but I choose this story now because it reminds me of beloved line from a Dr. Seuss’ character, the Grinch. 

“It came without ribbons.  It came without bows.  It came without packages, boxes or bags.”

Feelings are expressed without limits as long as the path to our heart and minds is clear and open.  My Mom proved this point to me through a simple song of “Happy Birthday”.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S. In celebration of a double birthday I have created a special Birthday Word Search for you and your families!

P.S.S.  I also want to disclose I am aware that my Grandma was also involved with this blessing.  As with my Mom, she is another character and it was often pointed out that I embody a lot her traits as well.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.  Sending you both my love now and always.