To take a break or not to take a break…. that is the question! 

I have a confession.  I struggle with slowing down and feel the need to be constantly busy at all times.  Looking back at the past several years, my breaks have come unexpectedly and unplanned.  Recently, I found myself very frustrated in that I had a long to do list but no energy to complete it.  I had no choice but to take a pause and relax.  Although to my pleasant surprise a few days of slowing down worked in my favor! 

Reflecting on this moment, I walked away with some takeaways which I am delighted to share with you now in this post.  

Eddie and Lucy caught up in two of their favorite books.

Eddie, Ezra, Lucy, and friends enjoying a good movie.

Dear Readers,

Raise your hands if you have a hard time taking a breather from the constant routine of life?  Whenever I speak of this topic to friends, I have heard various responses regarding this subject.  Personally, I struggle with taking a break!  A planner by nature, I find that my breaks come unplanned, such as my past Achilles tendon injury, and I consistently have mixed feelings about these periods of time. 

Recently, I found myself in an unexpected halt again!  The planner energy within me was running full speed ahead but the creative and physical energy required to construct, draw, and write was absent.  As a result, I found myself having a few days where I watched one too many movies and read a novel in twenty four hours not once but twice.  However, I had a very pleasant surprise!  Taking this time to relax I felt rejuvenated and not only completed the work that I planned but got much more done as well.  Stepping back from this experience I wanted to take this opportunity to share my findings with you. 

Taking the time to do an activity that you enjoy.  I realize this answer is different for everyone but for me it’s movies and books!  Watching a movie or being engulfed in the plot of a good book is my main way to wind down daily.  Since becoming an entrepreneur, I find that when I am tired playing a favorite movie or curling up with a good book is a great way to rejuvenate my spirits. 

Spending a day in a location with little or no cell service.  I have heard this advice from other sources and find this opportunity most frequently when I am at the beach.  Beyond a day in the sun with a great book and nature, I put my phone in my bag and do not look at till I am on my way home.  A day away from a screen and apps can do wonders for the soul and allow the present moment to be appreciated.

Creating music playlists for various activities.  I have always loved music from the time I was little.  When I was a little girl, my Dad would play records on his record player and I would happily dance around the living room.  As an adult, I play music while I am cooking, cleaning, dancing, drawing, writing, and so much more!  I have recently discovered that by composing specific playlists for various tasks I am able to capture the energy needed for the task at hand.  (If you are wondering what I am listening to now, it is my Nat King Cole Playlist!)

Regardless of what is on your to do list for this next week, I pray that you are able to take the breaks that you need.  This post was inspired by podcasts I have listened to regarding this subject as well as numerous conversations with friends around this subject.  There is the old saying “You can lead a horse to water” that resonates with me now.  In this case the horse, aka me, was led to the water and finally took a drink, aka I took a break!

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo