As I prepare care packages for this next season, I am reminded of a recent memory where I rediscovered the joy that a cardboard box can bring!  There were many instances in my childhood where a simple box transported myself and others to the depths of our imagination.  It presents no limits and paves a path for various discoveries.  The story that I tell in this post is a favorite of mine and always makes me smile.  All it took was the imagination of a six year old boy and a cardboard box to remind of a simple joy and the importance of taking a chance. 

Eddie, Lucy, and the gang deciding what adventure they are about to embark on!

Gabe, Ezra, and Annie choose to male their box a stage.  Here they are taking their final bow!

Dear Readers,

The cardboard box….  Need I say more!  A timeless item that has entertained so many generations.  As a child, I recall many games that evolved around a box.  A box became a cave, play house, ship, and so much more. The options were limitless and provided so many hours of entertainment.  Now as the tables shift, I observe time and time again how a box never seems to lose its magic.  In light of this thought, I am very excited to share a beloved story of a cardboard box with you where I was reminded of this joy and magic.   

As I have mentioned in past posts I am both an Aunt and Godmother and take great joy in giving gifts to loved ones.  Last year was no exception.  At the beginning of quarantine I carefully packaged up the Easter gifts, sent them off, and eagerly awaited the reactions.  Come Easter Sunday my friend graciously facetimed with me for a family visit!  During the call, the kids opened their presents and my heart filled watching their joy and hearing my friends’ gratitude.  After unwrapping their treats, the kids to a liking to the box that I sent their presents in.  It was no more than an Amazon box that I repurposed (I hate wasting!) but to the kids it became a focus point.  At first it started with them tapping the box and then my friend’s son declared that it was a space ship!  Moments later he procreated the phone and communicating in an alien/ robot voice  declared he was embarking in a space mission.  Of course my response was “Well, are you going to write to me?  I am going to miss you!”.  I love a good game of pretend and this banter continued for the duration of my virtual visit.  Later that week I messaged my friend asking how the space mission went as I did not receive my letter.  To my great delight my dear friend sent me two videos.  Each video featured one of the kids reporting their space missions to me!  The creatures they saw, the things they did, and so much more.  It was a beautiful moment where a spark of imagination came full circle from one child’s precious vision. 

There is something so precious about being invited into someone’s world of imagination and in this case viewing an object from a different perspective.  You never quite know when the opportunity will arise and it’s a matter of taking a leap of faith when the chance appears.  This is a lesson I learn more and more as I continue to create and write.  The importance of being flexible, seeking out all the possibilities, and taking a chance.  In this case a six year old boy demonstrated and reminded me of this concept through a simple cardboard box.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo