In a few days a little lady, Isabella Rose, will be celebrating her first birthday! 

It has been quite a year where each of us has had to make adjustments and adapt to the present circumstances.  In the midst of this uncertainty I have found great joy in observing my friend, Nikki,  tackle motherhood so gracefully and watching Isabella Rose grow happy and healthy with a warm smile along the way.  As I have shared in other posts, Isabella has become another source of inspiration for my creativity. 

In this post I share some beloved moments with Isabella and the lessons that she has reminded me of.  

Bella Elephant inspired by the lovey Isabella Rose.  

Dear Readers,

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around it but in a few days my friend’s daughter, Isabella Rose, will be one years old!!!  Time really does fly…  Although many of my friends are parents, I get equally excited each time the stork is on the way.  Nikki’s Mom shared the blessed news that Nikki was pregnant during our annual Christmas visit.  I have always cherished quality time spent in the Ferraris’ home and will never forget the joy that radiated from Mrs. Ferraris’ face.   It was a perfect moment in time.  When I look back at 2020, I consider Isabella’s birth one of the great blessings that came during that year.  In a time where simple errands took twice as long and being isolated from others was crucial, the news that Isabella Rose arrived into the world happy and healthy gave me and so many others a reason to smile.  Nikki and I have been friends for years and watching her take on motherhood has only enhanced our friendship.  In honor of Isabella’s birthday, I am pleased to share a few favorite moments with you and how she has taught me a few things!

Intentions and prayers are heard.  In June of last year, I was having a rough morning.  I felt a wave of doubt and frustration and really questioned if I am making the right choices in my life.  Shortly after my phone chimed.  It was a text from Nikki with a picture of Isabella grasping the lovey that I designed for her.  Nikki told me that this is the first time she grasped an object and of all her lovies she reached for the one I made for her.  I knew this was a sign and the universe was telling me not only are you on the right path but this is bigger than you.  This path is for the little boys and girls like Isabella who are grasping for your creations. 

Dance like no one is watching.  On a day when I needed to smile, Nikki gave me a most thoughtful gift of sharing a video of Isabella watching “Frozen” for the first time.  It made me smile while also reminding me to “dance like no one is watching” more often.  Seeing her focused and gracefully waving her rattle to imitate to Elsa was precious and at the same time fearless.  She had absolutely no worries about making a mistake or looking silly.  I struggle more often than I would like to admit for the fear of looking silly and as a result am still private about a lot of my creative work.  As Isabella demonstrated and gently reminded me, sometimes you simply need to dance, express your inner voice, and “Let It Go”.

Stop and smell the roses.  As with many of my friend’s children, I always keep an eye out for the latest pictures of Isabella but there is one photo that is my favorite.  In December Nikki posted a picture of Isabella wearing a Santa hat in front of the Christmas tree.  The picture is simple with the glow of the tree lights warming Isabella’s face and lighting her sweet smile.  She appears so content in this moment of time.  During a season where there is so much to do and never enough hours in a day, this little one captured a simple joy in the gentle twinkle of lights on a calm winter morning.  Little secret- whenever Nat King Cole’s Christmas Songplays, I stop everything and sit in the glow of the lights to listen his melodious voice.  I hope I am able to do this with Isabella one day and we can enjoy the lights together. 

As Isabella’s first birthday rapidly approaches, I look forward to the memories the coming year will bring for this also means more stories.  Isabella is the inspiration behind Bella Elephant and it is a joy to develop the character and be inspired by the real-life Bella’s own adventures.  Watching her reach each milestone is a true joy.  In case you are wondering the answer is yes.  She already has me wrapped around her finger. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo

P.S.  Isabella, I wish you a most blessed first birthday!  I can’t wait to see what dress you wear and pray that all your wishes come true as Mommy helps you blow out your candles.  I look forward to visiting you and having you come to NYC.  I promise we will paint the town in style (if Mommy and Daddy say it is ok)!  Sending you many hugs and kisses!  Love Always, Auntie Kristina xoxoxoxo