Only a few days away, I want to wish all the mothers a most Happy Mother’s Day! 

Regardless of whether families celebrate through gifts or quality time, this holiday is cherished by many for many good reasons.  This week I reflected on how much this day meant to my own Mother.  She never directly said that it was her favorite holiday although her actions and beaming pride said it all.  Having mailed all the cards out to loved ones, this post is a continuation of this celebration as well as tribute to the woman who taught me the importance of this holiday.  

My Mom with her Mother and Grandmother.
A month into motherhood and all smiles.
Dear Readers,

From my home to yours I wish you all a most happy Mother’s Day!!!  Are you ready for this weekend?  I am happy to say that all my cards and packages are addressed and on their way to their recipients’ hands.  How do you celebrate this special day?  From brunches to cards to quality time with loved ones there are many ways to honor the mothers in our lives.  Over the years my celebrations have evolved as more and more mothers enter my life.  Although my great respect for this holiday originates from my Mom whom loved this holiday so very much. 


From a young age I recognized that Mother’s Day was a special day for my Mother.  Quality time was one of her primary love languages and holidays fueled her emotional tank.  She loved the site of a crowded dinner table and having her home filled with the laughter of visitors more than anything.  A little secret- Mother’s Day was the one holiday I never saw her cook for.  Every year we would go out for brunch which she craved so much.  When we were young, a family errand would proceed after brunch or we would go home to watch a movie.  Looking back now, I realize it didn’t matter what we did for as long as we were together her heart was full.  As I grew more independent, I strived to make my own mark on her special day.  One year got up extra early to make her breakfast in bed and accompany it with a present I purchased for her.  I remember being so upset because she got up earlier than I expected.  Recognizing my efforts, she met me halfway and stayed in the family room so that I could serve her breakfast in front of the morning news.  When I moved out of state, our tradition evolved to cards and presents.  It was not brunch but she always got her package early and that Sunday I would always call her to hear all about the afternoon festivities.  Observing how much this day meant to her, she instilled an important lesson in me that this is a special day for many and a great opportunity to reach out to loved ones.  When my friends started their families, I began sending cards to each of these women and it has evolved into a tradition that I cherish.  As with my Mom, I strive to have everyone receive their cards early.

Last year, I started a new tradition which I plan to continue this year.  In addition to sending cards and reaching out to loved ones, I watch a Robert Redford movie on Mother’s Day.  My Mom and I disagreed about many things in life ranging my career choices, how to make sweet bread, even who read what book first (silly, I know!) but we both shared/ share a love for Robert Redford movies.  It does not matter what age he is, what genre, who are his co-stars as long as he is the leading man we would sit argument free and happily content for the duration of the film.  Although I can’t go to brunch with her or call her to hear all about it,  by watching one of these movies we can spend quality time together in spirit.  In my heart and soul, I know she is smiling and that is the greatest gift of all.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo