Favorites things…  The simple pleasures that make us smile and bring comfort that is craved in the moment.

I always enjoy hearing and learning what brings joy to others.  Personally, my own list is long…  However, roses are one joy that I find in my path on a daily basis.  Regardless of the season or time of day they find a way into my path and remind me that my thoughts are being heard.

This week I share how this delicate flower has taken on a spiritual meaning for me and shaped my path.  It is truly one of my favorite things.

Bella and Ezra surrouned by roses.

Dear Readers,

“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens….  These are a few of my favorite things!”  What are your favorite things?  I am currently reading one of my favorite books now and one passage I cherish centers around the simple pleasures in life.  For some people it’s a morning cup of coffee or tea, a favorite spot on the sofa, a soft summer breeze, a package ready to be unwrapped.  Whatever it is these little pleasures bring us a sense of calm and joy from an inner place.  When I think of my list it ranges from my books and movies, the smell and sound of the ocean, my favorite hall at the Louvre, the sound of my godchild’s giggle, my nephew’s smile.  However, one pleasure that fills my daily life is roses. 


For as long as I can remember roses have been my favorite flower and over time they have taken on a spiritual meaning for me.  Roses were my Mother’s favorite flower too and I believe that is where my love first stemmed.  My Mom often said the only flower she ever wanted to be given was roses (let’s just say the apple does not fall far from the tree!).  When I was first out of school, I was struggling in my many ways and that was when my Mom told me of Saint Theresa, Little Flower.  She sent me her prayer and told me that if I pray to her she will send me a sign in a form of roses.  I was immediately intrigued with the relation to a flower that I already treasured so much.  Since that day, I have said this prayer many, many times and she never fails to listen.  For years I have seen roses on a daily basis through people carrying bouquets, rose bushes, pictures in windows, tattoos, and my favorite- meeting someone named Rose.  As part of the blessing I have shared these moments with others when possible.  I have gifted her prayer card to friends who are going through struggles or transitions to say nothing more than you are not alone.  When my friend’s Mom was going through chemo, I sent her this card with a note explaining what this blessing has done for me and wishing her the same.  A few years later my friend was home visiting his Mom (who is in good health now!) and when they were changing the sheets of her bed something fell on the floor.  It was the prayer card I gifted her.  She explained to her son that she always keeps it under her pillow.  When I heard this story, I was so touched for the meaning of the prayer came full circle. 

It is very common for me to arrive with roses in my arms for the host or hostess.  There was one friend whom I visited often and I could not walk into her home without a bouquet of roses.  Regularly, I would message that I am almost there with roses in hand!  Seeing a friend smile when I hand them roses is a joy.  I feel the same happiness when the roles are reversed and I am the receiver.  As I write, I wish roses to appear in your path and bring the delight and joy of a simple pleasure to your day.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo