Last week, I had a moment of deja vu! 

I was baking a chocolate cake for a celebration and as I was making the finishing touches it hit me. 

This cake is my version of my Grandma’s chocolate sheet cake. 

I mention her baking and love for chocolate often but I had not realized how much of her traits come through my actions naturally.  Deeply moved by this precious moment, I took this week’s post to reflect on her character and the moments that inspire me even when I am not aware of it.

For all the chocolate lovers I have included the recipe that sparked this story!  

Bella Elephant and Annie Puppy longing for a taste of the cake!

Dear Readers,

I have another confession to make….  I am a chocolate fiend and imagine I am not alone!  My closest friends are well aware that I crave my daily taste of dark chocolate and will say no to a non-chocolate desert.  Why waste the calories?  Luckily, when I am baking, most people request my chocolate cakes and cookies.  Last week I was baking one of my favorites- chocolate red wine cake with chocolate ganache.  As I was pouring the chocolate ganache over the cake a phrase ran through my head.  “For the love of chocolate.”  I also had a moment of deja vu- I am truly my Grandmother’s granddaughter.

As with chocolate, I am always eager to reminisce about my Grandmother and leap at any chance to write about her as many well know.  She was a character.  Grandma was very opinionated and stubborn while also being dreamer.  As both a child and adult, I always felt a great sense of comfort and freedom with her.  My siblings and I had the run of her house as children.  There were toys for us to play with while we could also take anything out of her beloved kitchen cabinets and play dress up in her bedrooms.  My Mom often told us she kept a must stricter house when she, my aunt, and uncle were children.  One day I remember in particular is when my Mom sat her down to fill out a memory book.  This was the day I learned that she dreamed of being a reporter.  She said as a little girl she would spy at the journalists racing to get the scoop and longing for that sense of adventure.  In this same sitting I also discovered her favorite movie was “Gone with the Wind”.  At first, she said she did not have one but when my Mom mentioned this title she lit up!  Whenever I watch this movie, I see so much of my Grandmother in Scarlet.  Grandma was old fashioned.  She never left the house unless she was dressed properly and always had a purse well kept.  My Grandmother was brave and fearless and had a mindset that she could do anything regardless of her age.  If there was a wall, she would knock it down and proceed on.  I admired her strength of mind although it drove my Mother a little nuts at times (understandably).  Most importantly, she was consistent.  Like the beloved pot of sauce, she always had a Cadbury chocolate bar tucked in the dinner room credenza and arrived at gatherings with a chocolate sheet cake.  When I poured the ganache over the chocolate cake I felt this circle of generations running through my actions accompanied with this energy of comfort and love.  Also, I saw my Mother shaking her head at my Grandmother saying “This is your Granddaughter”.   

There are so many moments like these that remind me that my Grandmother’s spirit is still with me.  The beauty is that they come naturally.  I have to admit I am very old fashioned and when I see a wall I am that much more driven to climb over it.  Whenever I am in the kitchen I believe it brings joy to both my Mom and Grandma.  They also loved baking and cooking for others.  In honor of them I am so happy to share with you the recipe that sparked this story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my loved ones do.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo