Dear Readers,

I am writing my first children’s book series!  For the past several months I have been longing to share this news with you.  This year has been a whirl of initial drafts, rewrites, story boards, and more but sharing this news with you makes it all the more real.  The most amazing part of this experience is that I feel the greatest sense of freedom!  I am glowing in the light of showcasing my art, creativity, and imagination.  It feels wonderful. 

In December I made the realization that it was time to take a leap of faith and write this series.  I took this step fully believing that this aspiration will lead to something beautiful just like the first bears and lovies were created out of an expression of kindness and love.  I started writing.  Tapping into this balance of my imagination and memories, the stories came to life.  They are combination of my Grandma’s love for chocolate, my Grandpa’s solace he found at his tool bench in the garage, as well as the joys and successes that I observe through my friends and their children.  The more I write the more I realize that this source of imagination is from within me.  Sharing this now allows it to grow and reach new heights. 

The series is titled Curiously Curated Tales by Kristina Lucia.  There are 15 books in the series and we are on track for the first book to come out this fall of 2021.  The first book is Quality Mom time, Grandma’s recipe, and a memory to last.  When it came to choosing the first book of the series, I felt very confident in this book being the anchor.  This past holiday season, a dear friend shared a cherished holiday memory of her Mom with me and the story immediately percolated in my mind.  A story of a girl spending quality time with her Mom formed before me.   As I began to write this story, the little girl in me also appeared.   From the many times I would play in my Mom’s kitchen to my child-self pushing a kitchen chair to the center counter to offer assistance. 

Listed below are all 15 titles of the first series and as I release each book I will share some of the sources of inspiration through this blog.  These past months I have been writing about some of the stories that are driving my imagination from my uncle’s vegetable garden and to the trivet I cherish from aunt’s kitchen.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you for the path is so much more fun with friends. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo     

Curiously Curated Tales by Kristina Lucia

Quality mom time, Grandma’s recipe, and a memory to last.

Bella helps to cook a tasty and timeless soup recipe from Grandma with Mom.

 A dash of creativity, a splash of imagination and love.

Eddie tinkers with tools in his workshop to create a heartfelt gift for Lucy.  

Little room and little crib to a big room and big bed.

Ezra says goodbye to his little boy bed and hello to his new big boy room.

Feeling nervous and shy in a new class with new classmates.

Lucy grows her confidence and connects with other at her first ballet class.

Three wheels to four wheels and then 4 wheels to 2 wheels.

Bella feels brave as she learns to ride a bike and remove her training wheels. 

Circles, squares, rectangles and preparing for preschool.

Ezra starts to learn about shapes and begins to draw them on his own. 

Sentences from words and words from letters as we learn.

Eddie practices reading one letter and one word at a time.

Double loop, swoop, and a single pull for a knot to last.

Ezra finds patience while learning how to tie his shoes so they stay tied. 

 Numbers to counting then adding to subtracting make up math.

Lucy studies math as she is introduced to addition and subtraction.

 Quality friend time sharing stories and a chocolate cake.

Lucy experiences teamwork while baking a cake in the kitchen with friends.

Planting a good friend garden and the rewards of growth.

Eddie cares for a garden by digging, planting and watering it with friends. 

 One summer, two friends, and countless handwritten cards.

Lucy stays connected with Clara over the summer while they are apart. 

 A sense of love and belonging in a new school adventure.

Ezra feels scares in an unfamiliar place on his first day of preschool

 A cherished decoration and a memory to nourish a soul.

Eddie builds a sled one step and one piece at a time for Christmas

 Confidence, style and a smile creates a memorable look.

Bella discovers inner beauty through the Valentine’s Day parade.

Kristina Lucia