Dear Readers,

I have a strong feeling that when I say I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week I am not alone.  When I was little, November seemed to slide by at a snail’s pace and now it flies away all too quickly.  During this time of year, there is a joy in bustle of the holiday’s coming.  The last-minute runs to the supermarket, the house filled with the sweet aroma of fresh baked pies, and the table being set with china and linens.  All this leading up to the moment when the doorbell rings and friendly laughter and voices fill the air.  Although one year in particular my Mom brought an extra special visitor home for the holiday weekend.

In my sophomore year of college, I came home to find a stuffed bear on the table.  My Mom was all smiles explaining that this bear, Bobby, was the kindergarten’s class friend and it was her turn to take him home.  Each child in the class took turns bringing Bobby Bear home for the weekend with the assignment of writing a story of the adventures they had with him that weekend.  The classroom gave Bobby Bear to members of the administration on holiday weekends with the same story assignment.  The priests had already taken Bobby home for the Columbus Day Weekend and returned him with three pictures and a short story.  Now in her possession my Mom’s creativity was sparked.  The question is what did Bobby Bear not do that weekend?  We brought him to dinner where he held hands with us in thanks and ate a Thanksgiving feast.  Later he diligently brushed his teeth with toothpaste and all.  He even answered the front door to greet other stuffed friends who came to visit.  By the end of the weekend my Mom had twelve pictures of Bobby Bear living his best life and created a story along with it.  Later I saw pictures featuring my Mom reading her story and showing the pictures of Bobby Bear’s Thanksgiving adventures to the Kindergarteners.  I vividly recall her telling me about that day and how the children could not stop laughing.  The truth is it brought her just as much joy as it did to them. 

I could not let this holiday slide by without sharing this story with each of you.  As the pumpkin treats cool and I wrap a ribbon around a gift, I find myself thinking about Bobby Bear and all the fun my Mother had creating a world where he experienced nothing by joy.  I wish each of you a wonderful week of preparations for your Thanksgiving feasts and pray you enjoy each moment as Bobby Bear did that holiday he visited my family. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo