Dear Readers,

I am taking a pause to wish each of you a most Happy Thanksgiving and a restful holiday weekend.  Today is a busy day for all of us.  Dishes are being prepped as last-minute grocery runs are being made while others are packing their bags and cross-checking their travel arrangements.  In the end we are striving to reach a table to enjoy an annual feast and share laughs with loved ones.  Being able to safely gather and spend quality time with others is a true blessing.  As I pondered what to say in this post, I found my inspiration through the banner image.

For the past month I have been illustrating and as I wrapped up I got the urge to render this image I drew of Bella.  The truth is this watercolor is a version of my child self.  My Mom always baked and cooked for every holiday regardless of whether or not she was hosting.  My siblings and I would follow her example and adorn ourselves in aprons and push a kitchen chair to the butcher block to help with the meal at hand.  When I put the finishing touches on this watercolor, I saw a little girl who loves her Mom and is eager to spend quality time with her. 

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving from my family to yours. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo