Dear Readers,

The holiday season is official here!  Now that the turkey leftovers are long gone, the focus everywhere seems to be on the upcoming arrival of the man in red.  More and more stores are lighting up their holiday displays and family and friends are sharing images of their decorated Christmas trees.  The older I get the faster this month seems to pass and the earlier I start my preparations for Christmas.  I am not going to lie I started some of my preparations as early as October.  However, I did do something unusual this past Thanksgiving holiday.  I booked an escape for myself to Paris.

It’s no secret that I love to travel and Paris is one of my favorite places in the world.   After not being able to travel freely, I realized I needed to go away for a little bit with no plans in mind.  I booked my flights spontaneously about month before and let faith unfold itself.  It was hectic in the days leading up to the trip as I leaped at the opportunity to see my cousins on Thanksgiving Eve. 
When I told my cousin, I was going to Paris the following night he asked me what was there. 
I responded “I don’t know.  It is my fifth time to this city and I want to enjoy the moment.” 

That is exactly what I did.  I went with no schedule and felt the greatest sense of freedom.  Going to bed without setting an alarm, I woke up when I pleased.  Once I was ready to go, I departed the hotel and allowed my spirit to lead me.  I made choices based on my current cravings and visited my favorite spots while finding new ones on the way.  Sitting in my favorite halls of the Louvre was absolutely priceless and tea at Angelina’s was magical as always.  When I climbed to steps to Sacre-Couer, I strolled through the streets behind the Basilica and discovered a new restaurant which has become my favorite.  I was overjoyed to find my favorite chocolate shop on Rue de Opera still had all my favorite treats!  Strutting down the avenue, while savoring a dark chocolate and pistachio treat was irreplaceable.  It was a wonderful trip and I am so grateful that I was able to go.

Now that I have returned and am back to reality, I am striving to preserve this experience of living in the moment.  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I find it is so easy to become consumed in the hectic rush this time of year brings.  We always have a choice and I remind myself of this daily.  As I carry these recent memories of Paris in my heart, I remind myself it is ok to stop work at a certain time and simply enjoy the glow of the Christmas lights and the other precious joys this seasons offer to each of us.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo