Dear Readers,

This post is a little more spontaneous as made a discovery this week.  As I imagine so many us are doing in the Northeast area, I am hibernating.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy winter.  The crisp air and the ground coated in a white blanket is something I look forward to.  There is also something precious to about curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a warm blanket.  For those of you who know me well I always have other activities going on simultaneously.  Either a movie or music is playing and my hands are occupied with a crochet hook or knitting needles focused on a project.  These past two weeks it has been a knitting project and I completed my first baby sweater.  As I put the finishing touches on this piece, I noticed that my bubble didn’t burst and it came out pretty well for a first try.

As an adult child, I have been doing a lot of healing work and focus on my inner child.  It is through this work that I have become more aware not only of my communication patterns and love languages but also the patterns of those around me.  Literally a month ago this week, one of my good friends became a Mom!  I am a proud aunt once again.  As this baby is about to celebrate her first Valentine’s day I wanted to create her something special and decided to knit her a sweater.  Embarking on this task my inner child was scared as I had never knit a sweater before.  I am proud to say that my adult-self stepped forward and hugged my inner child. 

At that moment, I knew the worse that could happen is I make a mistake and start again. 

There is always a choice.

I set to work with a sense of calm and patience.  I began knitting and pieces of the garment formed before my eyes.  Although the pieces were coming together and measurements were lining up, I noticed that I was waiting for the bubble to burst.  I stepped back and thought, “It doesn’t have to burst.  You have come this far and if you make a mistake you will figure it out.” I continued on my creative path and the sweater continued to seamlessly come together.  If I did not understand an instruction I googled for further clarification and each time found the knowledge I needed.  On Sunday night I cast off the hood and before me laid a lavender baby sweater.  A night later I added the buttons and a label that reads:

“Handmade Special for You.”

“Love Always, Kristina xoxo”

With the last stitches that I sewed, the bubble remained intact and my heart soared.

I felt so many emotions with the completion of this piece as well a strong urge to write about it.  Realizing the bubble did not burst and my fears did not take over is both a very inspiring and powerful moment.  The other beauty is I find a door is opening further.  With one sweater completed, my mind is pondering with which kind of sweater pattern is next?  This time my inner child is leaping with joy for she knows the bubble will not burst and if we hit a bump in the road we will figure it out together.

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo