I just turned two almost a month ago!  My birthday is February 15th – the day after Valentine’s Day.  It was so much fun although I was overwhelmed at times.  I enjoyed eating the birthday cake my Mommy baked for me but I got tired of opening so many presents.  Family members kept pushing presents in front of me and snapping so many pictures. 

I could not understand why everyone kept insisting I open presents so I gently pushed one aside and teetered toward Mommy with my arms raised.  All I really wanted to do was snuggle with my Mommy. When she didn’t notice me raising my hands (a signal to be held), I started tugging on her dress. 

I became more determined and saw my Mommy’s face get annoyed.  I started to cry a little.  All I wanted was to be held.  I was confused.  What was the problem? 

Then my Mom glanced down and saw I was crying.  The expression on her face shifted.  She reached down and picked me up.  She kissed the top of my head and I snuggled into her shoulder smelling her perfume.  I immediately felt safe and calm. 

Bella’s Mom

Last month we celebrated Bella’s second birthday.  I was so excited for the day and found myself planning the party as soon as the last Christmas decorations were packed away.  Bella is growing so fast and I wanted to make this day extra special.  I invited all our family on both Bob’s side and mine.  Days leading up to the party, I attempted to clean the house while cooking, shopping, and searching for a darling dress to put Bella in.  I love dressing her up.  

Although I do not consider myself a creative, I do feel confident in my baking skills and was up late the night before baking and decorating her cake. 

The day arrived and everything ran smoothly but one thing- I was exhausted.  I felt overwhelmed.  Bella seemed content and immersed in the attention of family so I focused on serving food and ensuring everyone was taken care of. 

At one point I was talking to Bob’s Mother and felt an excessive pulling on the skirt of my dress.  Tired and ready for the party to wind down, my first reaction was a feeling of annoyance.  When I glanced down I realized it was my daughter.  I saw tears in her eyes.  I never meant to upset her.  I love her so much. 

Luckily, I was able to regain my composure and pick her up in her my arms and kiss her head.  I was more upset with myself for my reaction.  I pray she knows that I was not irritates because of her.  Holding her in my arms, I felt calm again.  I love the feeling of my daughter in my arms and breathing in her sweet toddler scent.