Best friends: Bella Elephant and Annie Puppy

Dear Readers,

With all that is happening in the world I am not quite sure what to say.  My heart goes out to all of those who are directly and indirectly affected by all that is happening.  In a digital age where the news is constantly at our finger tips and then layered with posts and stories on social media there is a mixture of emotions followed by the question of “what can I do?”.  When I pondered this question, my thoughts went right to kindness.  A gesture of kindness is contagious and with consistency can make rippling effects to the many people that it touches.  With this in mind I have been observing and listening to others to hear their personal approaches to kindness.

Spending quality time with loved ones.  A few weeks ago, I met a friend in person for the first time in a year.  As I left the house, I felt a twinge of guilt.  How can I be having fun when there is all this turmoil in the world?  During our adventure in the city, I met a couple who was visiting from out of town.  Ironically, we all shared the same feelings of hesitancy at the beginning of the day.  Speaking with these new-found friends, we all agreed that having fun is important and working on our relationships is part of healthy lifestyle.  It was a fun day and I am grateful to have had my eyes opened to this possibility. 

Smile. As with acts of kindness, smiles are contagious and ignite feelings of joy within us from a place that no one can touch but us.  A smile can reach someone you have known for years and also touch a stranger at the same time.  Making a daily choice has a powerful effect and with consistency who knows where the road will lead all of us. 

 Acknowledging the kindness of others.  One of the days I visited my Mom in the hospital, I noticed her hair was braided.  I immediately told her how nice she looked as she loved her hair in braids.  She responded telling me that the nurse on duty washed and braided her hair.  This was one of my Mom’s last good days and this act of kindness brought her so much joy. It made her feel healthy and alive.  Before I left the hospital that day, I was able to thank the nurse for her generosity.  I told her “You made my Mom’s day.”  I still don’t think my words encompassed how grateful I was for her kindness. 

These are only a few scenarios of kindness.  The beauty of kindness is that it takes on so many shapes and sizes as long as there is love and thoughtfulness behind it.  Another factor to consider is continuing these acts despite the current state of the world.  Kindness takes work and time and it has been proven that it much easier to be ignorant and pull the wool over our eyes.  Although it is a challenge at times and a choice, the return from an act of kindness is quite powerful.  With this reciprocation comes a sense of normalcy.  Imagine what the world would be like if there was more kindness.  It is a dream worth pursuing and it can start with each of us and one simple act of kindness. 

Love Always,

Kristina Lucia xoxo