I love visiting my Grandma’s house!  It is so cozy and always smells of yummy food.  Best of all, her arms are always open for a hug.  I nuzzle my trunk into her neck and smell her sweet perfume.  It’s a different smell from Mommy’s perfume but its smell brings me the same sense of comfort.

 I often play in her kitchen while she and Mommy visit with each other.  On the stove there is always a pot of sauce on the back right burner.  Both the site and smell of her sauce makes me feel safe while also hungry.  I call it sauce because it goes on pasta but Grandma says it is called gravy.  I don’t understand.  Isn’t gravy what we put on turkey?

 I play different games in Grandma’s kitchen but my favorite one of all is taking pans and pots in and out of her cupboards.  She often sits and watches me happily play.   Grandma always has a smile on her face when I turn to her.

 Sometimes when I skip into Grandma’s kitchen, I see her fresh pasta dangling from a broom stick.  Grandma straddles the broom stick between two counters while also having dish towels on the floor to catch the pasta that falls from the broom stick.  Grandma promised me that when I am old enough she will teach me who to make pasta and gravy.  I keep asking her if I am old enough.  She says I am not old enough yet but will be soon.  I hope that day comes very soon!

Bella’s Mom

Taking Bella to visit my Mom in my childhood home is quite an experience.  I was not sure how I would react to it but I have a strong desire for Mom to have a healthy relationship with her grandchild.  From the moment Mom first held Bella, I saw something click  between them and knew there was a strong spiritual connection that was bigger than all of us.  Now as a toddler, I watch Bella and Mom grow closer and closer.

Bella is wonderful playing independently and happily plays games while I chat with her Grandmother.  It is so cute to observe her peering eagerly for Mom’s pot of gravy on the back right burner of the stove.  The truth is I feel the same way.  Smelling Mom’s gravy on the stove brings a sense of calm from within me.  If it was not present, I too would be nervous.

 My Mom is a wonderful Grandmother and so patient.  I see how Mom is more relaxed as a Grandmother and is enjoying the moment.  When I was little taking pots and pans out of her cupboard would never be allowed but with her Grandchild anything goes!  It’s as through Bella touches the inner child of my own Mother and this is a beautiful sight to observe. 

 On the other hand, I also love viewing Bella’s expression when she sees Mom drying her pasta on a broom stick.  It fascinates her to no end.  I often make pasta when Bella is napping and lay it flat and covered on the dining room table to dry.  Mom does it the old fashioned way and I am grateful that Bella is experiencing this moment.  Mom has promised that she will teach Bella how to make fresh pasta and gravy when she is old enough.  I love hearing Bella continually asking Mom if she is old enough.  Secretly, I am eagerly awaiting for the day that Bella is ready for this lesson.  It will be another generation that will learn and carry on the tradition.  I hope that day to comes soon!