Kristina Lucia is a renaissance creator and storyteller with a focus on igniting the imaginations of children and their parents through her crocheted creations and storybooks. Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia includes an array of warm, cuddly and comforting creatures and storybooks series including paperback, E-book, and audio versions.

With her previous studies focusing on the arts, Kristina’s creativity is now showcased through her art, crochet pieces, dancing, and writing. Coming from a family of teachers, she has a great respect for education and is applying it as an inspiration source of her books and creations.

The topics of her stories are formatted with the intention to allow the child and parent to relate to the characters scenarios through their own personal experiences. The characters are created with detail and in warm inviting colors to take the experience a step further.

The array of her journey originated from growing up in a small farm town with one real traffic light where her creative interests peaked at a young age. Moving away from her hometown in her late teens, a career path that started in fashion lead to property development and then pivoted to banking.

Through all these career opportunities she found herself running to dance lessons and practices after work and then drawing in her free time. An injury in spring of 2018 caused her to pause and make the realization that she needed to make another change both in her career and personal paths.

This time, however, her artistic aspirations needed to shine through this journey. In August 2018 Kristina found herself back on the dance floor and in November 2019 she received a sign from her Mom that solidified her choice of action. The door of Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia opened and the journey began with a sense of trust in faith and patience.