Bedtime Clara Bear


With her blanket and slippers Bedtime Clara Bear is a friend who is eager to embark on daytime adventures after a good night’s sleep. Did you know she and Lucy are best friends? Clara also loves to bake and play music! She and Lucy often have baking play dates and then play music that they can dance to in the living room. Clara would love to have a baking/ dance play date with you.

With her blanket and bunny slippers Clara is a friend who is eager to embark on bedtime dreams with your child. Always ready to snuggle, she is the ideal cuddly, stuffed animal that you will want to always have on your baby checklist when packing your diaper bag and prepping your child’s crib. Whether it is your first or second baby, this beautiful, unique keepsake is a great gift for a baby shower, welcome gift basket, first birthday, Christmas, and many other monumental moments for your baby and toddler that you want to treasure for years to come. This is the ultimate opportunity to give the unique gift that no one else thought of your next baby shower and family event.

Clara is made of 100% organic cotton and enjoys being washed in a gentle cycle followed by a tumble dry. She loves making friends of all ages ranging from newborns to children of 10 years old and older.